Chukotkan Autonomous Okrug

Physical geography and climate
Population, economic development and infrastructure
Indigenous land use and dependence on the environment
Environmental threats
Map (1997)
Article collection

Article collection

Ethnography, culture and language

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About native Chukotka in native language N. Noskova, 2001

Politics, traditional occupations and social life

Reindeer breeders in Chukotka conclude autumn round-up
October 2005
Workshop "Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic: Inuit, Saami, Indig, Peoples of Chukotka"
L. Abryutina
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Renewed spirit of hope, energy, and resilience among Inuit in Chukotka
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A letter about problems of Omolon reindeer herders
A.V. Rypalo,
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Bering Strait: New head of the Chukotka is more open to the west
"Anchorage Daily News", 16 October 2001

Urgent appeal for assistence: Chukotka (April 2000)
Critical contitions in Chukotka (November 1999)


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Reindeer breeder to pay fine for cutting down 19 trees RAIPON, 2005


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Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka
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Doctors of the World: soon a decade of humanitarian action in Chukotka
Yvon Csonka, University of Neuchatel, July 2000