Charitable public foundation Yaran'y, Chukotka

I.S. Vukvukay, President of the Foundation
Summarised by the Editors of ANSIPRA Bulletin.

The Yaran’y Foundation (Yaran’y means house, dwelling) is a non-commercial organisation established in Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka. The foundation was established to help solve the numerous social problems of the indigenous peoples of Chukotka. Its founders envisaged that the foundation would contribute to the achievement of charitable, cultural, organisational, educational, and other social goals. According to its charter the foundation’s main aim is to take care of social needs. It is financed by voluntary subscriptions and other contributions.

Main objectives of the foundation:
- to revive national consciousness, to preserve and develop the traditional way of life, traditional occupations and subsistence practices, and the original culture of the indigenous peoples of the Chukotkan Autonomous Okrug;
- to protect the rights and legal interests of the indigenous peoples of Chukotka;
- to contribute to collecting, studying and analyzing materials concerning the history of Chukotka;
- to contribute to youth education in the spirit of respect for the traditions and culture of Chukchi society;
- to cooperate with mass media of Russian as well as Chukotkan native languages;
- to promote the Method of Persuasion, developed by G.A. Shichko, which is aimed at releasing people from alcoholic and nicotine addiction and supporting their conversion to sobriety;
- to contribute to the development of international non-commercial tourism .

To achieve its objectives, the foundation conducts informational and educational work and cooperates with other public, political, religious, charitable, sport and youth organisations and movements, including foreign and international ones. The foundation cooperates with relevant federal and regional authorities, industrial corporations, native enterprises, as well as foreign firms and their representatives.

The foundation is financed by subscriptions and donations. It renders financial and organisational aid and welfare, and other kinds of support to individual and collective initiatives and projects. It allocates means, on a charitable basis, to finance scientific research programs which study modern Chukchi society and culture and to forecast its development in the Chukotkan Autonomous Okrug. It organises the exchange of scientists between interested institutions and organisations, organises and finances the work of permanent and temporary scientific and informational centers and creative collectives, and courses in political science and humanities. It finances research in the fields of history, political science, ethnology, sociology and humanities, concerning various aspects of history and contemporary civilization development in the Chukotkan Autonomous Okrug. It also promotes the development of international tourism;

The foundation is independent in its activities and in managing its property and financial assets. The foundation may join international NGOs, maintain international contacts, and conclude agreements.

The establishment of the foundation is an essential step towards the integration of the indigenous peoples’ organisations of the Chukotkan Autonomous Okrug. At the present stage, top priorities are to select and allocate personnel—first of all, a deputy president, an accountant and a lawyer—and to raise funds to finance foundation activities and basic running expenses, such as rent, public utilities and phone connections, and office equipment. Partners and sponsors must be sought and funds must be raised for projects. The foundation’s representatives are open for contacts and look forward to cooperating with other organisations.

Address of the Yaran’y Foundation:
689000 Chukotskiy Autonomous Okrug
Anadyr, ul. Energetikov, 6–1.