Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka

Spring 2002
L. Vykvyragtyrgyrgyna, President, Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka

The Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka is a regional public organization which was founded in response to the dabgerously large-scale spread of alcoholism in the population. Almost every representative of the indigenous peoples of Chukotka can testify to the way in which a nation is degenerating as a consequence of alcohol consumption. One of the main goals of our organization is fighting alcoholism.

The main method of our anti-alcohol campaign is the Shichko method, which was established 10 years ago. It is an efficient and humane method of fighting alcoholism and tobacco dependency. The Shichko method is based on self-analysis and self-initiative in the fight against the vices. Over the past few years, “small islands” of sobriety have been established in several villages thanks to the fact that socially active people, who have earned the respect and high esteem of their communities, “armed” themselves with the above mentioned method.

A group of indigenous activists, volunteers and teachers is actively pursuing their pedagogical and enlightening work in the region for a small fee. It was largely due to their initiative that our organization, Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka, was established. The idea of the founders was to connect all the abstainers and introduce a continuous, wide-ranged set of activities on a professional level. These people are ready to explain the truth about how abstinence has always been an essential need for our people, because only abstinence can contribute to the preservation and development of both our enterprises and our autochthonous culture. It can also help us regain our sense of dignity. Only abstainers can have valuable offspring and help their children succeed in the future.

The organization’s governing board, consisting of five people, has agreed upon a set of measures for the current year. The most important among these are:

If it is to accomplish all of its goals and tasks, the Abstainers’ Association of Chukotka will need help and support from relevant organizations both in Russia and abroad. We shall be most grateful to those individuals and organizations who would be willing to sponsor our activities. Several hundreds of saved people, dozens of happy families: that will be the true victory to which you could contribute.

L. Vykvyragtyrgyrgyna
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