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22.06.2008: News
03.01.2008: News
11.06.2007: Articles from ANSIPRA Bulletin 16 posted
14.05.2007: ANSIPRA Bulletin No. 16 for downloading
The Ainu of Japan and Russia

12.12.2006: Statement by RAIPON regarding the adoption of Namibia's draft resolution on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly
08.11.2006: Updated numbers of indigenous peoples of the North from 2002 census
12.09.2006: Re-posted Engl. translations of older articles from "Mir korennykh narodov"
(links to RAIPON's website had become obsolete )
12.09.2006: Articles from ANSIPRA Bulletin 15 and 15A posted
27.07.2006: ANSIPRA Bulletin No. 15 for downloading