Magadan Region

Perestroika's legacy and indigenous peoples in Magadan
(illustrated, pdf format, English version - 1 MB)
Perestrojkas arv og urfolk i Magadan
(illustrated, pdf format, Norwegian version - 1 MB)
Winfried Dallmann, autumn 2004
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Article collection

Ethnography: Even W. Dallmann 1997, INSROP Working paper 90
Ethnography: Chukchi W. Dallmann and G. Diachkova 1999, ANSIPRA Bulletin No. 3
Ethnography: Koryak W. Dallmann 1997, INSROP Working paper 90
Ethnography: Alyutor W. Dallmann and G. Diachkova 2000, ANSIPRA Bulletin No. 4
Digging in deep: Mining impact on Russia's indigenous peoples
M. Jones, July 2005

Social and economic problems of the indigenous population of the Magadanskaya Oblast, with the example of the Ola village
edited by W. Dallmann, July 2004
The obschina (indigenous clan community) “Nevte”, Magadan – perspectives
July 2002
About the work of public organisations in the Magadan Oblast
Irina Mikhailovna Yaschenko, clan community Ola, June 2003
The past and the present of the indigenous peoples of the Sea of Okhotsk
L.N.Khakovskaya, translated from "Mir korennykh narodov - zhivaya Arktika" No. 8, 2001
A letter about problems of Omolon reindeer herders
A.V. Rypalo,
translated from “Mir Korennykh Narodov – Zhivaya Arktika” No. 9-1
A letter from Evensk, Magadan Region Liliya Vukvukhay, Evensk, April 2001
For the children of Magadan (November 1999)
Help for the inhabitants of the village Ola (November 1999)