ANSIPRA Bulletin

ANSIPRA (formerly NNSIPRA) Bulletin is an information publication of the “Arctic Network for the Support of the Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Arctic”. The Bulletin is issued twice a year. Additional issues are produced as new information warrants it. The Bulletin is edited in English and Russian. Distribution is free. All written contributions are appreciated.

ANSIPRA Bulletin is politically independent. A special part of the English language edition, however, presents translations of articles of the newsletter “Мир коренных народов” (Indigenous Peoples’ World), the official periodical of RAIPON (Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation), selected in cooperation with RAIPON.

New issues of ANSIPRA Bulletin can be downloaded from this internet website. Printed copies are automatically distributed to all registered network participants in Russia. Network participants from outside Russia must explicitly order printed copies.

To register as a network participant, you must contact the Secretariat (below) and submit a short account for your connection with the problems of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation.

Back issues

January 2008:

Due to a changed employment situation of the Network coordinator, the issuing of ANSIPRA Bulletin has temporarily stopped. We are trying to find solutions that would enable us to continue, possibly under a more specialised topical focus.

Contact address:
ANSIPRA Secretariat
c/o W. Dallmann
Norwegian Polar Institute
Polar Environmental Centre
N-9296 Tromsø

Fax: (+47)-77 75 05 01

Cooperation with IPS on distribution of information in Russia

December 2002

We have recently agreed with the Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat (IPS) of the Arctic Council on joint distribution of information to addressees in the Russian Federation. IPS has been issuing their information bulletin IPS UPDATE twice a year, but is now planning to increase the frequency. Depending on the relevance of the individual issues for readers in Russia, we will either enclose copies of the latest IPS UPDATE issue(s) in Russian with the ANSIPRA Bulletin (Russian language edition going to Russia), or reprint selected articles. IPS is still responsible for translation of IPS UPDATE to Russian.

Both English and Russian versions of IPS UPDATE can be downloaded from IPS’ Internet website Due to the fact that practically all of our English language readers have access to the Internet, this joint information service does not apply to the English language version of ANSIPRA Bulletin.

June 2006

Due to a changed publishing policy of IPS this service has now stopped.