About the formation of youth organisations

November 1999

(Vice-chairman, Youth Section of RAIPON branch of Magadan, phone/fax +7-41 322-23 289, pilc@online.magadan.su )

The youth section of the RAIPON branch of Magadan is going to form a youth organisation with representatives of the northern indigenous population. The Magadan Oblast is home to Evens, Chukchi, Yukagirs, Koryaks and other indigenous groups with small populations - totalling altogether 5800 individuals. The organisation committee is proposing to organise the following courses for young people: business development, book-keeping, data processing, and basic law. To carry this out, we need funding to purchase the equipment to establish a communication system between the youth organisations of the individual communities. All interested organisations and individuals capable of helping us are kindly asked to contact us at the above phone/fax number or email address.