Children’s summer camp “Urikit”

Spring 2002
M. Smirnova, President of AIPON ”Arun”, Evenki Autonomous Okrug,

The children’s ethno-ecological summer camp project “Urikit” will be carried out in the Evenki Autonomous Okrug. The cost of the project is US$ 30,627, which is donated by the national corporation “Yukos” presided by M.B. Khodorkovskiy. The project is accomplished through various sorts of support from state executive bodies of the Evenki A.O. (Governor B.N. Zolotarev and Vice Governor N.A. Kuleshova).

The goals of the summer camp are: 1) training of Evenki children which do not master their ethnic language in colloquial speech; 2) acquisition of skills in traditional subsistence; 3) introduction of individual talented children of the Evenki A.O. to arts and crafts (painting, song, decorative applications).

17 people work on this project. 15 out of this number are Evenki, which will contribute to the formation of an Evenki-speaking environment. All assisting and technical personnel speak Evenki fluently. During the first session participants will listen to the Evenki language. The instructors, for instance, will play a family of reindeer herders with the help of genuine utensils, tools and a tent. They will train the children in traditional subsistence skills.

During the spring, the camp will be rigged, and necessary equipment and materials for working with the children will be prepared. Training programmes, methods and camp conditions will be worked out. During the following time (April-May) necessary constructions like mess, sauna and shop will be established.

Three camp sessions are planned: 5-30 June, 3-27 July, 1-25 August. There will be 20 children aged 10-14 years per session.