Press release of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 12 December 2002:

Swedish support to Saami cultural centre in Lovozero, Russia

Today the Government decided to allocate a sum of SEK 1,215,000 for the development of a Saami cultural centre in Lovozero on the Russian Kola peninsula. Lovozero is a main centre for the Russian Saami population and the cultural centre will be an important contribution towards strengthening their cultural identity. Sweden is making active efforts to improve the opportunities for indigenous peoples to take part in regional cooperation in the Barents region. In the run-up to the meeting of prime ministers in Kirkenes on 10-11 January in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, Sweden wants to contribute to a cultural centre that will fulfil an important function as purveyor of culture, help to strengthen the cultural identity of the Saami population and build ties between Saami in Russia and the Nordic countries.

The contribution from the Government is intended for the renovation and refurbishment of a central building in Lovozero, where a cultural centre will be established, as well as a workshop for production of Saami handicraft, offices for the Saami association and production premises and branch offices for Sami radio broadcasts via NRK Sameradio, YLE and Sveriges Radio (the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation).