Russian Festival of Anthropological Films “Salekhard-2002”

Spring 2002
O. Syugney

In 1998 the Festival of Anthropological Films Salekhard-98 was a success that caused a great number of responses in Russia and from abroad. In the September of 2000 the idea of a nomadic Northern film festival was developed and gained support at the 2nd Russian Festival of Anthropological Films in Salekhard, at the 1st Northern Research Forum (NRF) in Akureyri/Reykjavik, Iceland, in November 2000, and at the 4th Congress of the International of Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) in Quebec, Canada, in May 2001.

The city of Salekhard, standing out as one of the centres of anthropological film, has been pointed out to be the organiser of the Russian Festival on 2-8 September 2002. This festival will gather creative directors as well as professional and amateur cinema from various areas and various cultures. The Film Festival will not only cross geographical and linguistic borders, it also attempts to include a wide range of directors of documentary, fiction, anthropological, environmental and social-publicistic films. The goals of the festival are comparitive demonstrations of the people and nature of the North, communications of unique cultural values, and artistic interpretations of the history and present of the colourful circumpolar world.

The festival programme includes anthropological film competitions, competitions of TV programmes on Arctic regions, cinema projects, press conferences, methodological seminars, a round-table of the Russian Association of Visual Anthropology, school cinema programmes, museum issues, and the Obdorsk Cinema Fair.

In the anthropological film competitions works of domestic producers portraying people in the context of their ethnic, cultural, religious, historical, social and natural environments will be represented. For preliminary selection film copies on VHS video cassettes and completed registration forms must be sent to the organisers. The deadline for applications was 15 April 2002.

Organisers of the festival are the Administration of the Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Okrug, RAIPON, GTRK “Yamal”, the Russian Association of Visual Anthropology, the Northern Research Forum (NRF), the Centre of Visual Anthropology MGU, and the Ethnographic Bureau (Yekaterinburg).

The following prizes will be distributed at the event: the Grand Prix of the 3rd Russian Festival of Anthropological Films (RFAF), the Jury Prize of the RFAF, the Prize of the Coordinating Council of International Nomadic Film Festivals, the Audience’s Choice Prize, and the Prize of the competition jury of the TV programmes of Arctic regions.

Information of the Festival can be obtained from the magazine Severnoe Prostory, NTV-Plus, “Teleskop”, the State Tele-Radio Company “Yamal”, “Yamal-Region”, and the newspaper Krasnyy Sever.

Marina Vladimirovna Yuzhaninova
Festival Director
123222 Moskva, ul. Mitinskaya 27-1-336
Phone/fax: (+7 – 095) 751 85-89