Russian Indigenous Peoples’ Training Center (RITC)

Rodion Vasilevich Sulyandziga, Director of RITC, e-mail:

The Russian Indigenous Peoples’ Training Center (RITC) is a non-governmental organisation formed with the aim of supporting the economic, social and cultural development of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation. Project partners are the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of Russian North, Siberia and the Far East (RAIPON) and the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) branch of Canada. The Center is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The objectives of the Center are to contribute to sustainable development of the Northern indigenous peoples, to guarantee their direct participation in the economic activities and processes decided upon at the national, regional and local level. The work of the Center is also directed towards the establishment and maintenance of agreements between the indigenous peoples, the state and resource extracting companies on preservation and development of traditional nature-use territories. RITC provides consultation services, prepares educational programmes and teaching economical development of the indigenous communities in various regions of Russia. The Center has two departments.

The department of remote support of the Center organises the educational process, provides consultation and other services related to the support of economical initiatives of individuals, communities and regions. There is a prepared course about economic development of indigenous communities, including studies of Russian legislation on indigenous peoples, traditional nature use, business organisation and establishment, and also practical exercises concerning fund-raising. A second course about regional project coordination includes a practicum in Canada on bases of native cooperatives. All expenses for the courses are covered by project funds. Teachers from both Moscow and the regions render their services.

The center’s department of development helps the educational course to implement the acquired knowledge to realise socially significant projects aimed at solving the economic and social problems of the Northern indigenous peoples. A fund will be established in this department to help the communities carrying out such projects.

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