Project "REINDEER"

Contact: Stanislav I. Dorzhinkevich
International Public Fund for Support to Social and Economic Development of the Northern Indigenous Peoples

Stage 2:
Marketing research on reindeer products in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District with the aim to increase employment and well-being of the northern indigenous population

Implementing organisation: International Public Fund for support to economic and social development of the northern indigenous peoples (Fund NIP)
Supporting organisations: Administration of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Union of Reindeer Herders of Russia.
Term of project completion: 2 years
The sum sought from financing organisation: US$ 57,684

Fund NIP (the International Public Fund for support to economic and social development of the Northern indigenous peoples) considers as one of its major tasks assistance to development of traditional branches of the northern indigenous peoples' economy, including promoting their goods on the Russian and international markets.

Through Project "Reindeer", the Fund NIP plans to use the existing reindeer farm in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District as a base for the development of a pilot enterprise for complex processing of reindeer products, including not only meat and skin, but also deer velvet, sinew, endocrines and enzymes. The project could serve as a model for similar initiatives elsewhere in the Russian North, eventually reviving and raising the standard of reindeer herding throughout the region.

The first stage of the project, in which the necessity of a network of reindeer processing facilities was shown, has been completely executed and paid for by Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAD) administration. Its full cost was 22,400 US dollars.

Marketing research on reindeer products, including the analysis of the consumers, competitors and market environment, will be an important part of the project. Marketing analysis will allow the determination of optimum volumes of production, and costs and profit in conditions of an economically competitive environment.

Implementation of the second stage of the "Reindeer" project will require 57,684 US dollars.

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