Norwegian Polar Institute (NP), Tromsø, Norway

Contact: Winfried Dallmann <>

International Northern Sea Route Programme (INSROP), Sub-programme II: Environmental Factors (see: Fridtjof Nansen Institute)
Date: October 1998

Indigenous issues are also considered in Subprogramme II which is co-ordinated by the Norwegian Polar Institute (supervisor: Kjell A. Moe). A qualitative mapping of the environmental and resource base of the indigenous people of the Russian Arctic has been carried out by Winfried Dallmann. The results are presently incorporated into the Environmental Impact Assessment for the NSR. INSROP publications covering indigenous issues are listed in the Chapter "Notes" in the end of this Bulletin.

Arctic Network for the Support of the Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Arctic (ANSIPRA)
Date: October 1998

Update 29-11-2001