Informational and educational support for the indigenous minorities of the North which engage in traditional crafts in the Magadan Oblast

September 2000

Organiser: "KADAR"; Magadan municipal organisation for environmental protection and the interests of the indigenous small-numbered people of the North and the old-established inhabitants
Postal address: 68601b Ola, Magadan Oblast, Lesnaya ul. 3a, app. 4.; Phone (41341) 2-52-71
Project leader: Chairman of KADAR, Mikhail Terentevich Yashchenko
Area: Ola, Magadan Oblast
Duration: 12 months
Sum applied for: 50,000 US$


Magadan Oblast is one of the main areas with a high concentration of residents belonging to the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North and other long-established inhabitants.

In the course of privatisation, the interests of the indigenous peoples of the North were unfortunately overlooked. As a result, the peoples find themselves in an extremely difficult state, as it is impossible to maintain or expand the following traditional subsistence activities: hunting (sea and land); reindeer and domestic animal husbandry; fishing; obtaining, processing and marketing of marine resources; fur farming; collecting and marketing of wild foodstuffs, etc.

Small, indigenousrun enterprises based upon these crafts cannot compete with the national and international companies active in the Magadan Oblast. Native enterprises are handicapped by a lack of knowledge regarding management, marketing, taxes, law and other vital information necessary for the successful management of such businesses in an economically competitive environment.

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