Indigenous enterprise* project to develop the fishing industry

November 1999

(Chairman of the community "Kayumkan", )

The limited company "Kayumkan" was formed out of the two active indigenous enterprises "Yanotkor" and "Umka". During the salmon fishing season in 1999, the enterprises caught ca. 800 t fish. Lacking their own fish-processing equipment, the indigenous enterprises delivered their catch to fish-processing vessels which took 60% of the profits for their services.

"Kayumkan" owns equipment like a fixed fishing net, a pontoon for the transport of living fish, a pontoon for fish-processing, etc., of a total value of 870,000 rubles. Additionally, the community has acquired a loan, and additional financial means from the administration of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug and Goskomsever, and modules for a fish factory (freezing chamber, refrigerator, diesel generator).

The tribal community, joining its efforts in "Kayumkan", seeks to establish its own fish-processing in order to become independent of the commercial vessels' exorbitant demands. This would allow us to increase the revenue which not only would be going to develop the community, but also would be beneficial for the social requirements of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug. Revenues could be used to help reindeer herdsmen with provisions, to support the indigenous youth centre in the village of Ossora, etc.

Presently, the society is looking for financial means amounting to US$ 505,000 to acquire fishing equipment. Detailed information is available in the business plan of "Kayumkan".

* "Indigenous enterprise", here translated from the Russian term "National enterprise", is an economic enterprise of an indigenous community aimed at the economic development of the community (comparable to tribal enterprises in the USA). The Russian term "National enterprise" may also be used for enterprises of ethnic groups other than indigenous ones.
-- The Editor