"Ilkėn" - Newspaper of the New Century

July 2000

The first light of November 1999 saw the newspaper "Ilkėn" of the indigenous peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya). The newspaper was brought to life by the Ministry of Nationalities of the Republic of Sakha and federal associations, the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Yakutiya, and the Division of Press of the government of the Republic of Sakha.

"Ilkėn" is the first printed media to cover issues concerning the indigenous peoples living on the territory of the region. The newspaper is writing in seven languages: Russian, Yakut, Evenk, Even, Yukagir, Chukchi and Dolgan. Additionally, the section "Indigenous Peoples of the World" includes contributions in English.

The newspaper contains various sections, in which topics connected with the life of these peoples, both historical and contemporary, are featured. On the pages of the newspaper can be found information about local, domestic, regional and international events. In the column "Book World of Russia", the newspaper introduces the readers to new publications and diverse literary items of interest. Popular pages, written in the Evenk, Even and Yukagir languages, are also included. The children's column "Ilkėnchik" introduces to pre-school and school children the culture and tradition of the inhabitants of the North, their languages and history. Social and political questions are reflected in the sections "Insight", "Language politics" and "Legislation". The environmental situation is covered under the headings "Around the Light" and "Northern Ecology".

The newspaper has a young staff of editors of multi-ethnic composition. The main editor is Varvara Danilova: Evenk, member of Russian Union of Authors and International Union of Authors, literary critic. The assistant editor is Olga Ulturgasheva [Keymeti]: Even, English teacher at Yakutian State University, interpreter. The Editorial Board is comprised of Nikolay Kirgitaun (Chukchi), Aleksandr Lenkov (Russian), Irina Kurilova (Yukagir), Lyudmila Alekseeva [Gevan] (Evenk), and Anna Danilova (Evenk).

The newspaper "Ilkėn" promotes a healthful way of life and the cultural and intellectual interests of the indigenous peoples of the world. For the young readership we have established the section "Break into Open Doors" where contributions about the life of young people in the Arctic will be published.

"Ilkėn" would be pleased to enter into creative cooperation with all interested individuals and organisations. Send your written material to the following address:

Varvara Danilova
Kulakovskogo 4/1, room 43
RUS - 677007 Yakutsk
Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya)
e-mail: oulturgasheva@mail.ru
phone: +007 4112 445216

We accept contributions in Russian, English, Yakut, Evenk, Even, Yukagir, Chukchi and Dolgan languages.