Motion of the Danish Parliament on its "Strategy for Danish Support to Indigenous Peoples"

4 May 2000
Re. Question no. F 33
Motion no. V 88

Proposed by Hans Pavia Rosing (S), Ellen Kristensen (V), Per Stig Møller (KF), Margrete Auken (SF), Peter Skaarup (DF), Ebbe Kalnæs (CD), Inger Marie Bruun-Vierø (RV), Keld Albrechtsen (EL), Jann Sjursen (KRF), and Tom Behnke (FRI):

'The Parliament welcomes the plans to revise its "Strategy for Danish Support to Indigenous Peoples" of July 1994 in connection with a revision of "Partnership 2000", the overall strategy for Danish development assistance.

'The Parliament considers it of the utmost importance that Denmark retain its position at the cutting edge of progress with regard to policies and legislation concerning indigenous people, a position for which the basis has already been established via the abovementioned Strategy. Parliament expects that this line of policy be maintained in a revised Strategy.

'The Parliament stresses the importance of Denmark's continued active policy to further and promote the social and economic circumstances of indigenous people, and urges the Government

The motion was carried by 106 votes; nobody voted 'no', and nobody abstained.