Spring 2002
Galina Valentinovna Popova, Chairman of OZhO MNS "Aborigenka"

The public women’s organisation of the indigenous people of the North in the Kamchatkan Oblast was founded in 1995 by the initiative of Valentina Nikolaevna Nikishina. Young women (Oksana Vychuzhanina, Nadezhda Chechulina, Marianna Yatty, Larisa Lazareva, Margarita Doroshenko, Valentina Buriboeva, Natalya Gamayunova, Varvara Kirichenko) supported her initiative and joined together to solve the problems of the indigenous population and its women in particular. The main issues of this organisation were carrying out the national celebration Khololo, and supporting needy and poor families.

At the present time, social environments of hard drinking are the most severe problems for the Northerners. Some local indigenous people suffer from alcoholism as a result of ethnic degeneration. Therefore, in the spring of 2001, the public women's organisation Aborigenka assembled on the advice of elders to discuss the issuing of the book "Word to the Sensitive" by V.I. Zvyagin. This book deals with ways to achieve a lifestyle of sobriety.

Cooperation with V.I. Zvyagin certainly is the beginning of a very important step within the work of Aborigenka. The indigenous society is in need of convalescence and Aborigenka wishes to help these people.