CSIPN / RITC  joins the University of the Arctic

Between 19 and  21 May 2005 , the University of Oulu, Finland, hosted an annual meeting of the Board of the University of the Arctic (U Arctic). Further activities of the university, development of the U Arctic programs and enrollment of new members were among the issues addressed.

U Arctic accepted 18 new member organizations this year, including the Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North / Russian Indigenous Training Center (CSIPN/RITC), Buryat State University, the Institute of the Language, Literature and History of Komi (Scientific Center of the Ural Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences), the Kamchatka State Pedagogical University, the Murmansk State Technical University, the University of Turku and the University of Helsinki. A complete list of the members of the Arctic University and also information on U Arctic programs can be obtained at www.uarctic.org.


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U   Arctic is a network of universities, colleges and other educational and research institutions in the North which have joined forces to create higher education programs that are suitable and accessible for northern students. Our common objective is the creation of a sustainable and constantly developing Circumpolar  Region, with the first step being education and knowledge exchange.

UArctic has been developing education which has a direct bearing on the Sub-Polar Region, is interdisciplinary and diverse in nature and make use of our joint efforts to solve the unique problems of the region. The University of the Arctic recognizes the vital role of indigenous peoples in northern education and has been striving to take into consideration their vision in its activity.

U Arctic has been proposing a number of programs aimed at enhancing the educational potential and the opportunities in the North.

The Circumpolar Studies program for senior students propose an interdisciplinary curriculum at the Bachelor’s level, focusing on the problems and issues of northern research.

The Open Learning Program makes it possible for northern residents to develop their education, acquire new skills and receive specialized education outside the traditional university framework.

The student exchange program (North2North) gives to the students of  the North the opportunity of exchange studies in U Arctic educational institutions. The NorthTREX Program has been developed to support short-term visits of teachers between U Arctic member organizations.

Arctic Learning Environment shares the experiences of the best educational methods and technologies to support and communicate knowledge to remote students.

The U Arctic Field School and Circumpolar Universities Association support a dialogue, college studies and an international scientific cooperation via conferences and other events.