The new administration of Altai to solve problems of Kumandin revival

The Kumandins are one of the most ancient Turkic-speaking peoples in Southern Siberia. According to the last census of 2002 their number is 1250.

The present governor of the Altai Territory , M.S. Evdokimov, is a native of the area and is therefore familiar with the problems of the Kumandin people, not just by hearsay but through first-hand experience. He considered questions of revival of the traditional economic activities and culture at a meeting on 20 May 2004 with leaders of the Kumandin people: G.A. Satlaevym, chairman of the Union of Kumandin Associations and L.P. Mamedragimovoy, head of the public organisation “Kumandin Revival” in Biyskoy.

This meeting resulted from work aimed at Kumandin revival led by the board of public counsellors of the chapter of the territory administration under the presidency of A.V. Osipov and the deputy head of the administration, Dr. soc. sci., professor S.I. Grigorev. The meeting resulted in a joint concept of development for the Kumandin people within the framework of the Federal Target Program of Economic and Social Development of the Peoples of the North. The programme, which is to last until 2011, was given a governmental status. It was also agreed that the Kumandins would gain ethnic-cultural autonomy.

Viktoria Churikova