Newspaper “Aborigen Kamchatki”

A.V. Morilova, Deputy Chief Editor of newspaper “Aborigen Kamchatki”

The newspaper “Aborigen Kamchatki” is the printed voice of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Kamchatkan Oblast.

It is not only aimed at the indigenous population and “old settlers”* of the peninsula, but at everybody who loves Kamchatka and its nature, and who values the original cultures, customs, traditions and ceremonies of the Koryak, Itelmen, Even, Chukchi, Aleut and other peoples of Kamchatka.

The pages of “Aborigen Kamchatki” concern the socio-economic situation of the indigenous peoples, activities connected with their traditional livelihoods, history, culture, art, ethnography, health, education, and language revival of the Northern peoples. Much attention is paid to economic problems, nature use and traditional activities. It also introduces indigenous cuisine, and the use of wild plants.

The newspaper issues the informational supplements “Lach”, “Legal Journal” and “Kamchatka – Global Legacy”. Some material is provided in Koryak, Itelmen, Aleut and Even languages.

“Aborigen Kamchatki” is distributed on subscription. It is also sent for free to indigenous peoples’ organisations of the Kamchatkan Oblast, the Koryak Autonomous Okrug, and Russia. It is issued monthly.

Subscription outside Russia, unfortunately, is not possible. However, our foreign friends can send money to the editorial office and will receive the newspaper monthly by mail to their home addresses. If you are interested please contact our office.

* Russians and others that have been living in the area for generations


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Editorial office of “Aborigen Kamchatki”
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