What and who is ANSIPRA?

Arctic Network for the Support of the Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Arctic

ANSIPRA (formerly NNSIPRA - Norwegian Network …) is a communication network linking Russian Indigenous Peoples' Organisations (IPOs) with international institutions and organisations alarmed about the future of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North. ANSIPRA's main goal is to spread information and to mediate contacts.

Welcome to ANSIPRA (Oct. 1998)
About ANSIPRA - origin and budget (dec. 2003)
Project description

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Norwegian Polar Institute
Polar Environmental Centre
N-9296 Tromsø
E-mail: ansipra@npolar.no

Network Coordinator:

Winfried K. Dallmann
Phone: (+47)-77 75 06 48
Phone switchboard: (+47)-77 75 05 00
Fax: (+47)-77 75 05 01
E-mail: dallmann@npolar.no
Assistant Coordinator:

Galina Diachkova
Anadyr, Chukotka
P.O. B ox 153 , 689000 Anadyr, Chukotka
E-mail: galinadiatchkova@hotmail.com
Assistant Coordinator:

Elena Krikunenko
Phone/fax: (+7)-095-780-87-27
E-mail: regions_ritc@km.ru
Assistant Editor:

Helle V. Goldman
Phone: (+47)-77750618
Phone switchboard: (+47)-77 75 05 00
Fax: (+47)-77 75 05 01
E-mail: goldman@npolar.no

The ANSIPRA Secretariat is housed by the Norwegian Polar Institute: http://npolar.no